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VA Air Amped

Plans and Pricing

VA Air Amped plans have the flexibility of using various towers around the customer. No direct visibility to the tower is needed for these plans. Contact us for more details,

Amped by VA Air
$125 / mo.

-Avg. Speed 15-20Mbps

-Speed can fluctuate based on network performance

-Unlimited Data

-No Deprioritization

-Monthly Fee Includes Cost of Leased Equipment

* All Amped plans are Non-Line of Site plans and are based on shared bandwidth usage on network towers.
* Maximum speed limited to connection quality of customer radio connected to tower, speeds are based on good signal strengths.
* Free site survey required to determine plan eligibility and availability
* All Amped plans carry a 14 day money back guarantee.
* Required equipment includes 1) Radio Receiver and Antenna, 2) Mounting and Installation Hardware, 3) Basic Wireless Router